Daily Mileage



2405 up
2336 down


Mile 146.1

Total Miles Hiked


Hours Spent Hiking

6 Hours 11 Minutes

The Best Part?

The wildflowers 🌼🌼🌼

What did I learn?

Need larger battery pack ASAP!

PCT Trail Journal: Day 13 Miles 131.6 to 146.1

Miles 131.6 to 146.1 on the PCT were good and hot filled with more wildflowers than you could imagine. There was a lot coming out of Warner Springs. This was also very impressive!

Good easy morning packing up camp and eating. I hit the trail at 7:40. It was 5 miles to the next water source and I hauled butt there.

The hiking was easy. Gradual up and downs and it got more and more desert-y. It was gorgeous. This is one of my favorite types of hiking. The wildflowers started poppin! They were everywhere! I loved it. My phone was almost dead so I didn’t listen to a book and just looked at all the flowers. They were up and down the hillsides and just gorgeous. This is definitely a good year to be on the PCT.

I tried to get water at a sandy stream but just filled my dirty water bag with sand. This made me hike the extra 0.5 miles to the Tule Springs water source. It was a great water source. The next one was another 8 miles away.

Things started getting really hot after this. It was around 10 am and it was totally exposed. But the wildflowers made it worth it. The prickly pears were about to bloom as well. I sort of wish I was 2-3 days later so I could see them.

I lunched with some ladies under a shade tree. Then it was time for a big exposed climb. It was tough and hot but I got into my hiking zone and pumped out mile after mile.

The miles felt long but I loved all the flowers and views. I finally made it to the next water source. It was a covered area with a 55 gallon water barrel. A very kind trail angel hauls water up. Thank goodness or that would be a terrible water carry.

I chilled out in that little oasis with other hikers for a long time. It was so nice after 14.4 miles! My feet were feeling it.

Everyone has something wrong with them. A guy that fishes in the town that I am from had terrible knee pain and had bad hiker hobble. Poor guy.

My hiker hunger has definitely kicked in. I’m hungry all the time now and tired of all my food.

We loaded up on water and hiked 1 mile to the next campsite. I made a huge dinner:

– buffalo flavored tuna with a wheat tortilla
– cous cous with spinach and garlic and a tuna and chicken packet
– sweet tart rope from Vista

I had dinner with a bunch of other thru-hiking ladies. It was great to learn more about them and hear why they are hiking the PCT!

It felt good to be full. We were talking about Paradise Valley Cafe all day and what we are going to eat. One guy is planning on eating there for breakfast and lunch. Lol.

I’m extremely dirty and am really looking forward to getting clean. I’ve been thinking about a bath all day.

While hiking I made lists of things I need. So many small things. All the big things are working well but I need things like more bandaids and a better battery pack.

I am getting stronger and getting into hiking mode. Today was another 15 mile day and it felt pretty good. I’m getting better at taking breaks. Go me!

I watched the sunset from my tent. It was magic.

Trail Self-Reflection

Day 13 Miles 131.6 to 146.1  flowers

✨3 Things I’m Grateful For

1. Wildflowers
2. Other thru-hikers
3. Trail angels that leave water in the desert

More california poppies on the PCT

✨3 Things I’m Excited About

1. Paradise Valley Cafe (town food baby!)
2. Palm Springs
3. More hiking

🌟How Was Today? Did I enjoy it?

Today was hard and hot but good. I LOVED all the wildflowers. Plus it was very desert-y which I find beautiful. I like a lot of the folks in hiking with which also makes it fun.

food bag is falling apart

⛺How Was My Gear?

Small/old things are falling apart. I need a new food and hygiene bag. The material is not going to last. It’s old so that makes sense. I need a bigger battery pack!

camping on the PCT

💪How did my Body Feel?

My right neck/shoulder was unhappy again. Especially after adding 9lbs of water weight. I want to get rid of some stuff to lighten my pack.

Sunset from the tent: Miles 131.6 to 146.1

🍴How was my food situation?

I’m over-packing food. I need to think more about when the next resupply will get in terms of days and only pack that much. Instead of guessing.

🌼WildFlower Photo Gallery

🤔What did I learn and how will I action it?

It is very hot during the day. I want to take more siestas during the hot part of the day and then hike later. So more breaks during the day less early camps.

Map for Hiking the PCT

Maps are fun. Plus you should always have a paper map. 

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