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Sheep Shed @ Stagecoach RV Resort

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The Best Part?

Day 7: Having a chill day at Stagecoach and getting new shoes!

Day 8: Hanging in Julian with Hannah, Jorrit and Liam 💗

What did I learn?

Day 7: Use padded moleskin around a blister to relieve some of the pressure on the blister

Day 8: Double rest days at Stagecoach help you heal! Sudocrem helps create blister miracles.

PCT Trail Journal: Day 7 & 8 Double Rest Day at Stagecoach

It turns out that double rest days at Stagecoach is awesome!

Day 7 was all about resting and doing chores. When you are a thru-hiker you are always doing chores. When in town, you clean stuff. I washed my clothes and myself.

It was a slow morning (my favorite kind). I drank coffee, worked on a blog post, and operated on my blisters. The blog posts take so long on my phone.

Stagecoach has a pretty good store. Some of the stuff is outrageously priced while other things are reasonably priced. When they are open you can also get lunch there. It is a pretty good setup for thru-hikers. Especially if you don’t want to go into town and spend all your money.

Rob and I wanted to hitch into Julian to get some food and resupply. This hitch didn’t go so well. No one wanted to pick us up and we had to wait for a trail angel. But we made it!

We went to the 2 Foot Outfitters store and it was incredibly small but well stocked with stuff thru-hikers would want. The lady was really nice and offered blister help. She said to tape the blister up and then place padded moleskin around it to keep pressure off of it. She also helped me get the other things I need like tape to fix the mesh in my tent, a new mouth piece, and new shoes!

I got the Altra Lone Peak 7 in half a size larger. They have extremely big toe box.

Day 7 was a great day full of talking with other hikers and getting ready to hike more. 

Day 8 was the best day!

It was a chill morning full of coffee drinking, eating my hiking snacks, a hot shower, and writing. After the shower, I prepared to attend to my blisters and didn’t know what to expect. The blisters on my heels are basically healed! That stuff Kari brought from Ireland is a freaking miracle. Thanks Kari.

Since I bought a new pair of shoes yesterday, I needed to figure out what to do with my old pair. I was a little stressed about it because I didn’t know how I would get into town. Turns out the folks at Stagecoach can help you mail a package. They are the nicest people! I sent my Merrills and a bunch of snacks up on the trail. In case my other shoes aren’t working out, I can switch back.

Hannah from Sweden came by and asked me if I wanted to go to Julian. The family and I hitched into town and had the best time.

We hitched into Julian via the back of a hand-converted van. We sat on the guy’s bed. It was crowded and little weird but the van was pretty sweet with peace sign pillows and cool 70s style art. He had a cool setup. Hannah later said, “I love hippies.” Lol. It got super hot in the back and Liam got fussy.

We made it to Julian and had a beautiful afternoon with:

– Pizza, shishito peppers and hard kombucha.
– New toe socks (I caved people. I guess I couldn’t avoid these things forever).
– Strawberry Rhubarb pie from Mom’s
– Window shopping in Julian
– Resupplying at outrageously expensive grocery stores
– Lots of laughing
– Trader Joe’s coffee packets in the hiker box outside of the outfitters. Heck yeah!

We got a hitch back to town with Rangel and then I got ready for more hiking tomorrow! My blisters are in such great shape. It’s like a miracle. I’m so lucky to get back on the trail tomorrow.

This whole day was full of great vibes. Planning to get on the trail tomorrow morning felt great. Getting my box figured out and then heading into town with the family was so fun. It was a beautiful day!

Trail Self-Reflection

the Sheep shed Double rest day at stagecoach

✨3 Things I’m Grateful For

1. Stagecoach RV Resort

2. Sudacrem

3. Kari Perensovich

4. Having other people to hitch with

My towel that didn't survive the washer

✨3 Things I’m Excited About

1. My feet healing and hiking the crap out of the PCT

2. Not having to spend more nights at Stagecoach (even though it was a great time)

3. Meeting my SO and friends in Palm Springs

4. Eating all the food Kari brought me

My new hiking shoes double rest day at stagecoach

🌟How Was Today? Did I enjoy it?

Day 7: It was a good day. Very relaxing and my feet didn’t bother me at all. Probably because I wasn’t hiking.

Day 8: Today was the best day. It was so relaxed and fun. I laughed a lot. Plus my feet are healing fast. Huge yay!

Double rest day at stagecoach

⛺How Was My Gear?

My campshoes were great to walk around in. My sleeping bag and puffer kept me nice and warm.

Free stuff for PCT hikers<br />

💪How did my Body Feel?

Feet felt ok. Now my bottom lip is full of blisters. Maybe it is sunburned. The jalopenos on the pizza were killing me.

Pinky toe blister. It's getting better

🍴How was my food situation?

I have so much food from Kari and Alan and access to town food. I am town food rich.

🤔What did I learn and how will I action it?

Using the padded moleskin around blisters is a great idea. I may try that. Rest days and double rest days make you feel like a million bucks.

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