Daily Mileage



1519 up
1513 down


Mile 115.4

Total Miles Hiked


Hours Spent Hiking

4 Hours 56 Minutes

The Best Part?

Walking through field after field of wildflowers

What did I learn?

I don’t need 10 bars per day and should focus on the base meals in resupply boxes

PCT Trail Journal: Day 11 Miles 104.8 to 115.4

Miles 104.8 to 115.4 on the PCT were pretty good.

I got up around 6 and did all my normal camp things. I wanted to hike out with the boys so I rushed a bit. I want to take my time more and break that habit.

It was nice to hike out with them. We made it to Eagle Rock and there was a line of day hikers coming in. Sadly, they were walking all over Eagle Rock. It’s a sacred place and not respectful.

We powered the remaining 3 miles into town. There were fields and wildflowers everywhere. As the trail got closer to town there were more and more live oaks and it was gorgeous.

Getting to the post office in Warner Springs was a 1.2 mile side trail. I picked up my packages, including cookies from my mom 💛, and quickly realized I don’t know how to pack resupply boxes. There were way too many bars/snax. Like a crazy amount. I guess I thought I would need 2000 calories a day in bars. I did a good job on the breakfasts and dinners. Just not the snacks. I sent about 60% of the box up the road to Big Bear City.

The Warner Springs Community Center was a good place to charge my devices and take a hot bucket shower. I even washed my shirt in the sink. The water was very brown. I breaked for 1.5 hours-ish.

The trail after the community center was so beautiful because it was filled with wildflowers. The fields were solid wildflowers. It was amazing. Definitely the best part of the day.

It transitioned to big trees by a river that gave some much-needed shade. Then it started climbing. It was hot and I suffered a bit. When I saw the Scottish couple ( the guy has a lightweight hiking kilt and a heavier one for three Sierras, lol), I said are we there yet 🤣.

I climbed into a more mountainous area and had to cross the creek a few bad. It required rock hopping and one time I dipped half of my shoe in. The up wasn’t too bad and it sort of leveled off.

By this point, my right neck/shoulder was killing me. At least it’s not my feet anymore! It felt like stabbing in my shoulder. My blisters are still there but getting better. I’m starting to get a hotspot on my outer right pinky toe. My feet are done by 11-12 miles and just want out of the shoes.

My new shoes are working well. There is definitely less rubbing.

I passed several good sites but wanted to get to the one with good comments on Farout. I didn’t think it was better than the others. There was a long sandy part and I was going to camp there but got worried about where I would pee. There was a pretty good spot under some trees just up the trail.

A lady name Vista joined me. She’s cool because she has already hiked the AT and CDT and she’s the same age as me. We had a nice chill afternoon by the stream. We laughed and talked. It’s fun to hike with guys but it’s also great to find cool hiking ladies.

I started getting super bad allergies (probably because I rubbed my eye). It’s super annoying when you can’t stop sneezing. Vista gave me Benadryl.

We had dinner and got into bed by 7. The Thru-hiker life means super early bedtime. That’s just my style!

My tent site was flat and that makes it glorious!

Trail Self-Reflection

Miles 104.8 to 115.4 resupply box!

✨3 Things I’m Grateful For

1. Flat tent sites
2. Wildflowers
3. My feet doing better

Miles 104.8 to 115.4

✨3 Things I’m Excited About

1. Palm Springs with my love 💛
2. More hiking
3. More wildflowers

wildflowers after warner springs<br />

🌟How Was Today? Did I enjoy it?

Today was an enjoyable day. I made it to Warner Springs to pick up my boxes with plenty of time to spare. And I saw the most wildflowers I have ever seen in my life.

Plants everywhere<br />

⛺How Was My Gear?

My sleep system is awesome. It keeps me nice and warm. Most of my gear is working well. I’m thinking about ditching my umbrella and keyboard. Not sure yet but maybe.

my blisters are getting better. it looks worse than it is.

💪How did my Body Feel?

My feet are no longer the thing that hurts the most! This is a huge success. Today my right neck and shoulder were killing me. That one spot that always hurts felt like stabbing today.

Me and Vista camping at miles 104.8 to 115.4

🍴How was my food situation?

I’m loving the peanut butter and honey on whole wheat tortillas for lunch. It tastes good! I also love fruit snax/leather.

more wildflowers

🤔What did I learn and how will I action it?

Less snacks in resupply boxes!

Map for Hiking the PCT

Maps are fun. Plus you should always have a paper map. 

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