4 Miles

152 feet


A Views

Latigo Chuckwagon Loop Hike Overview

The Latigo Chuckwagon loop hike is definitely one of the best hikes from Brown’s Mountain. It is less busy and you get fantastic views and desert landscape ❤️. The Latigo trail is our favorite hike from the Brown’s Mountain trailhead!

Map & Elevation Profile

Total distance: 4.03 mi
Max elevation: 2846 ft
Min elevation: 2694 ft
Total time: 01:19:28

Map for the Latigo Chuckwagon Loop Hike

Get this map! There are a lot of trails in this area. So having a good map is helpful. Note that the Chuckwagon trail does not show up on this map, but it is clearly marked in the Preserve. 

mcdowell mountains green trails map get outdoors get happy

McDowell Mountains Greentrails map

You definitely won’t regret having this map for your McDowell Sonoran Preserve hikes (affiliate link)!


You will want to park at the Brown’s Mountain Trail lot. The trail can be accessed from the south edge of the lot, so maybe park on this end?

Latigo Chuckwagon Loop Hike Trail Notes

As you have probably realized from reading this blog, we LOVE this part of the McDowell Sonoran Preserve. It is so scenic, a little cooler than down in the valley, and there are a ton of hiking options.

The Latigo Chuckwagon loop hike is really nice. Mainly because it includes the Latigo trail, which is definitely the best trail from this trailhead. Here’s why:

1. Mountain views into the valley AND towards the Tonto (you cross the crest line on this trail)

2. Mucho solitude

3. Cool saguaro forest with all kinds of funky shaped saguaros

4. Fun windy trail with lots of ups and downs

5. Great desert plants (huge variety of chollas!)

6. Big boulders to look at

7. It’s flat and easy, making it great for those hot days

The Chuckwagon trail is meh. It follows the powerlines back to the trailhead but is better than being on the powerline road. If you like loops (like we do) then take the Chuckwagon back. Or you could walk back on the Latigo trail for a nice out and back.

So, should you do the Latigo Chuckwagon Loop Hike?

Yup, this is a really nice area and hike. Your brain and body will thank you!

Other hikes close by

So many options from the Brown’s Mountain Trailhead! You could try hiking to Brown’s Ranch or around Brown’s Mountain. Bring your map and make a loop that suits how you are feeling that day. Head over to the Fraesfield trailhead and try the Whiskey Bottle Trail Hike. The Granite Mountain Trailhead is just 10 minutes down the road and has great options: 136th St Express trail, or make a loop with 136th St Express trail and the Cowpoke trail, or walk around Granite Mountain!

Photos that will make you want to go there:

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