Get outdoors get happy browns mountain hiking for beginners

Increased well-being

Spending time outdoors has been shown to:

  • improve self-esteem and mood
  • reduce anxiety, anger, and frustration
  • make you feel better mentally

Improved cognitive Ability

Interacting with nature helps reduce mental fatigue and improve:

  • ability to perform tasks
  • productivity
  • overall ability to function

Get outdoors get happy south mountain
Get outdoors get happy jumping monument valley

Feel better Physically

Enjoy physical benefits:

  • reduced stress and blood pressure
  • not getting sick as often
  • faster healing

PCT Trail Journal Day 37: Messenger Flats Campground to Mile 415.1

15.692762 feet up2421 feet down Mile 415.1 (the best campsite!)381.66 hours 7 minutes­čî×Getting pizza delivered to the fire station­čĹëChatting with NOBOs is a great way to get the intel on the trailMay 18, 2023 PCT Trail Journal: Day 37 Messenger Flats Campground To Mile...

PCT Trail Journal: Day 36 Mile 440.2 to Messenger Flats Campground

10.243802 feet up699 feet down Messenger Flats Campground366.35 hours 9 minutes­čî×Completing the up and ice cream trail magic­čĹëI like not being rushed in the morningMay 17, 2023 PCT Trail Journal: Day 36 Mile 440.2 Messenger Flats Campground Day 36 on the PCT from Mile...

PCT Trail Summary: Week 5 Mile 549.0 to 49ers Saloon

PCT Trail Summary: Week 5 Mile 540.0 to 49ers Saloon Dates Hiked May 8 - May 14, 202396.012,460 feet up16,067 feet down38 Hours 21 Minutes­čĺŤBeing warm again ­čĺŤSurviving the aqueduct and hiking it when it was cold(er) ­čĺŤGetting a trail family and them motivating me! ­čĺŤ So...

PCT Trail Summary Week 4: Walker Pass to Mile 549.0

PCT Trail Summary: Week┬á 4 Walker Pass to Mile 549.0 Dates Hiked May 1 - May 7, 202397.1┬á19,527 feet up18,593 feet down36 Hours 04 Minutes­čĺŤThe views, wildflowers, & Joshua Trees ­čĺŤOther hikers ­čĺŤRest day in TehachapiFinally making it to Tehachapi and getting warm. I...

PCT Trail Journal Day 35: Vasquez Rocks to Mile 440.2

13.652323 feet up2172 feet down Mile 440.2356.16 hours 21 minutes­čî×Coffee from the grocery store. And watching a tortoise eating salad for breakfast­čĹëMy new insoles seem pretty ok. May 16, 2023 PCT Trail Journal: Day 35 Vasquez Rocks to Mile 440.2 Day 35 on the PCT from...

PCT Trail Journal Days 33 & 34: Accidental Double Zero in Serenity Oasis & 49ers Saloon

00Serenity Oasis & 49ers Saloon342.90 minutes­čî×Margaritas & chilling at the mobile 2 Foot adventures­čĹëMy feet didn't hurt at all today. Probably because I wasn't hiking. ­čĹëBe careful when cutting insoles. You don't want to grab the wrong foot. May 14 & 15,...

PCT Trail Journal Day 32: Mile 471.4 to Serenity Oasis

16.032464 feet up3524 feet downSerenity Oasis342.96 hours 53 minutes­čî×Getting to Serenity Oasis and margaritas!­čĹëIt's getting hot out! Going to have to start taking siestas during the dayMay 13, 2023 PCT Trail Journal: Day 31 Mile 471.4 to Serenity Oasis Day 31 on the...

PCT Trail Journal Day 31: Lake Hughes Road to Mile 471.4

14.872303 feet up1644 feet downMile 471.4326.2┬á5 hours 50 minutes­čî×Late start (9:45 am), ice cream from the Green Valley Market and a long break­čĹëPoisonous plants suckMay 12, 2023 PCT Trail Journal: Day 31 Lake Hughes Road to Mile 471.4 Mentally day 31 from Lake Hughes...

PCT Trail Journal Day 30: Bear Camp to Lake Hughes Road

19.261722 feet up4068 feet downLake Hughes Road312.07 hours 38 minutes­čî×Chilling by the beautiful stream at the end of the day­čĹëI need shorter mileage days. Today didn't feel good.May 11, 2023 PCT Trail Journal: Day 30 Bear Camp to Lake Hughes Road Let me start by...

PCT Trail Journal Day 29: Hikertown to Bear Camp

13.663937 feet up1591 feet downBear Camp (Mile 504.6)293.05 hours 59 minutes­čî×Getting breakfast at Neenach market and getting up that huge hill­čĹëGoing uphill is hardMay 10, 2023 ┬áPCT Trail Journal: Day 29 Hikertown to Bear Camp On day 29 of the PCT, I slept until about...