Why Spending Time Outdoors Makes You Feel Better

Why Spending Time Outdoors Makes You Feel Better

A feeling of lightness

Have you ever noticed how spending time outdoors makes you feel better? You know that feeling after having a nice walk, visiting a park or sitting outside on a nice day? Where you just feel lighter and more relaxed?

There’s a reason for that!

Scientists have found that being outdoors has numerous positive benefits like improved overall well-being, cognitive ability and feeling better physically (check out other reasons here). Keep reading to learn about some of these key findings and to get excited about how your next trip outdoors will make you feel better!

Get outdoors get happy browns mountain
get outdoors get happy spending time outdoors improves mood

Positive effects on your brain 

One study shows that exposure to bright sunlight results in your brain creating more serotonin, the neurochemical that makes you feel good. Another study shows that people who walk in nature for 90 minutes have less activity in the area of their brain associated with negative thoughts and mental illness.

The bottom line: spending time outdoors makes you feel better!

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