Adventure Ready by Katie Gerber & Heather Anderson 

The Adventure Ready book provides an excellent framework for preparing for a long-distance hike.

The last thing you want is to quit your thru-hike because you were under-prepared. The Adventure Ready book will help you avoid that!  

Part of my PCT 2023 thru-hike prep is reading every single thing in the world about it. Memoirs, blogs, books, the whole internet. I have Google alerts set up so I don’t miss anything. I found the Adventure Ready book at my library and loved it! I’ve read it two times. 

This blog post reviews the Adventure Ready book through the super planner’s lens. I will also highlight some of the key aspects that stuck out to me and that make it great.

This book changed how I think about trail nutrition and what I am going to eat on my thru-hike. 

Adventure Ready Book Front Cover

Adventure Ready Book Organization

Katie and Heather cover the long-distance planning experience from end-to-end. The book is thoughtfully organized by topics like planning, gear selection, and performance nutrition. Check out the chapters and headings here.

  • Organization
  • Helpfulness

Adventure Ready Book Highlights

A huge highlight of this book is how the authors don’t force their views on you. Katie and Heather tell you about their experiences and why it works for them. While at the same time encouraging you to do what works best for you.

The parts that I found most unique and helpful were the sections on creating a resilient body and performance nutrition. There aren’t a lot of other resources on these topics even though they are so important! 

For creating a resilient body, they discuss the importance of specificity training (i.e. going on backpacking trips prior to your trip).  This helped me design my thru-hiking training plan.

The performance nutrition chapter changed the way I think about my food and resupply strategy. This encouraged me to look up metabolic efficiency training and think deeply about fueling my body based on the activity type. For hiking, this means more fat. Prior to this, I focused my backcountry menu on carbs. Katie and Heather lay out what meal plans could look like on the macro level. This has inspired me to add macros in my backpacking meals spreadsheet. I wonder if I have not been giving my body the fuel it needs to crush miles. I will definitely be paying more attention to this in the future. 

Peenz enjoying snacks on the trail.

Is the Adventure Ready Book worth the Read?

If you are a major planner (like me!), you won’t regret reading this book. If you are a new or experienced backpacker you will definitely benefit from learning from Katie and Heather’s massive outdoor experience. I also highly recommend reading it to learn more about nutrition on the trail. 

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