Staying Motivated During my Thru-Hike

What Will I do when It gets Hard?

The PCT is going to be awesome, amazing, fun, a dream come true and at the same time incredibly hard. I was inspired by the Pacific Crest Trials book to get mentally and emotionally prepared for the trail. Plus I love planning so the idea of planning for this sounded extra good to me.  The authors recommend making different lists to help connect to your why and stay motivated. I’ve thought about my why a lot and am getting better at listening to those little voices in my head telling me what I really want. Here are my staying motivated during my thru-hike lists:

I’m Thru-hiking the PCT Because:

✨It’s something that I have always wanted to do

✨I love hiking and being outdoors

✨5 months on the trail sounds pretty awesome to me

✨I want to take it slow and have time to think

✨I want to focus on the basics

✨It will make me feel like a badass

✨I like having a simple life

✨I will be able to brag about it for a long time

✨It feels right to me

✨I’m tired of being in front of my computer all the time

✨I want to spend more time outside

✨I want to do things while I am young and not falling apart

✨I like spending time alone out in nature

✨I want to stare at mountains, plants and the sky

✨I feel like I am in my element when I am off the grid

✨I want to know who I am

✨When looking through my life list most of the things are outdoors related

Wow, rereading this list was super motivating! Those Pacific Crest Trial authors are really on to something here 🙂.

When I successfully Hike the PCT I will: 


✨Have done something that I actually wanted

✨Feel amazing

✨Feel like I accomplished something

✨Have done something really cool

✨Get closer to being the coolest person I know

✨Feel accomplished

✨Know I can do hard things

✨Feel refreshed

✨Have connected with myself more

✨Feel really good about myself


PCT Thru-Hike Motivational iPhone Wallpapers

Something I love doing is creating iPhone wallpapers so I am reminded of my goals everytime I look at my phone. I look at my phone 17,000 times a day so that’s a lot of motivation! Aren’t these adorable?

What are your favorite ways to stay motivated? Even if they aren’t related to hiking, let me know so I can steal them 🙂.

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PCT Thru-hike motivational iphone wallpaper
PCT Thru-hike motivational iphone wallpaper
PCT Thru-hike motivational iphone wallpaper