3 Easy Ways to Make Backpacking Fuel Last

3 Easy Ways to Make Backpacking Fuel Last

3 Easy Ways to Make Backpacking Fuel Last Longer

Do you plan and plan for a multiday backing trip? And even calculate the amount of gas you will need?  Yet, you still worry about if you have enough gas for all your meals? Or maybe you just grabbed one of those half-empty fuel canisters from your gear shelf and are second-guessing yourself?

Making your backpacking fuel last is more than having hot coffee every morning, it’s about peace of mind. Here are 3 easy ways to make your backpacking fuel last longer. 

3 easy ways to make backpacking fuel last longer
3 ways to make your backpacking fuel last longer tin foil windscreen2

1. Build a windscreen

Wind can seriously steal away the heat the needed to cook your food. And waste a lot of fuel. According to MSR, even very small amounts of wind can significantly increase the amount of fuel used

Bring a piece of tin foil to help protect your stove from wind. Don’t wrap it tightly around the stove. If you don’t have any tin foil use a rock/log/your body to help protect it from big gusts. Any protection will help save fuel.

2. Use a Pot Cozy

Build a cozy for your pot. With a cozy, you do not need to heat food for as long (it cooks while sitting in the cozy) and saves you fuel!

We built a cozy out of an old closed-cell foam sleeping pad. 

3 ways to make your backpacking fuel last longer bring to pot cozy
3 ways to make your backpacking fuel last longer pot cozy

3. Bring to Boil & let sit

This trick is particularly good in combination with a pot cozy. Bring the water to a boil, add food, remove from heat, place in pot cozy, and wait 10-15 minutes. You do not need to boil noodles or rice for several minutes. Let them sit in a warm environment and be patient. This will save a ton of gas! 

Conclusion: 3 Easy Ways to Make Backpacking Fuel Last Longer

Making your backpacking fuel last ensures you have more hot meals and save money. Win win!

On your next trip consider bringing a windshield and pot cozy and letting your food cook in a warm environment to help save fuel.

Check this article for more tips on how to save fuel. What are your favorite ways to save gas? Please share!

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